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Using a Computer For Legal Research

Using a Computer For Legal Research

Computer-assisted legal research 
Despite the existence of such software heavyweights as Lexis-Nexis and West Law, there do exist other options that do not require any payments or other type of compensation whatsoever. Such internet websites exist with the express purpose to provide information for the public. These sites may include law reviews, public records, news articles, and even scholarly articles. There is, therefore, less and less of an excuse for law firms and their paralegals to be slow in providing material needed for various legal proceedings. 
All the research they may need to acquire is at their very fingertips. The only risk in procuring the services of such free websites is that of less-organized, and information left without adequate examination. Therefore, when reviewing such sites, a paralegal must do so with complete care as is possible. There are both risks and rewards to going the route of computer-assisted legal research as is existent in any technological endeavor.