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What Does a Paralegal Do?

What Does a Paralegal Do?

What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals, in essence, are legal assistants who are responsible for a wide range of tasks within a legal spectrum outside of the practice of law, the delivery of legal advice, and the representation of clientele. A Paralegal will work in tandem with attorneys in order to provide the most comprehensive service to their respective clientele. 
The basic paralegal job description entails a variety of duties and responsibilities that are commonly linked to the day to day responsibilities of an attorney or legal professional; a paralegal job description will entail basic duties to streamline an attorney’s work.  Paralegals may assist, research, and participate in legal processes and procedures; however, they are not permitted to provide legal advice. Typically, a paralegal may provide the following duties:
Legal research: A large portion of the paralegal job description will entail providing their respective attorney or legal professional with pertinent legal research. In a given legal matter, Within the realm of the legal spectrums, a large part of case review and preparation may be conducted outside of the courtroom; this type of legal work may result in a vast amount of time being spent researching and studying a variety of legal cases. 
Legal case studies may depend on the investigation of case details pertinent to a specific case with regard to the clientele represented by an attorney, in addition to the investigation of past case details sharing similarities with cases undertaken for representation.
Compilation of legal documents or forms: A paralegal job description will typically entail the collection, arrangement, and organization of legal forms and documents with regard to a court case; individual clients may be required to fulfill a variety of paper work, claims, forms, text, and statutes with regard to any of all claims or defenses. A paralegal can authenticate the necessary documentation required, as well as the processing of the satisfied forms.
Use of Law Libraries: Law Libraries – in addition to legal resources – are permitted to be used by paralegals. Upon the formulation of preparation of a court case, a paralegal may be asked to undertake research endeavors with regard to the compilation of information that can be used in the discovery or 
presentation of evidence and case details.

How do I become a Paralegal?

The role of a paralegal is defined as one of the many Legal Jobs that allows an individual to participate in certain legal matters in lieu of acting in court hearings, providing legal advice, establishing fee and payment rates, and authorizing legal documentation. Paralegals – or legal assistants – are an example of Legal Jobs that may or may not require certification depending on the position and employment requirement(s). 
Paralegal positions that are undertaken by these individuals within the legal profession may vary in their respective educational requirements, certification, and training mandatory to obtain them. In certain cases, an individual may obtain an entry-level legal paralegal job that requires a minimal amount of secondary education and training – yet, in other cases, paralegal positions may exist in which a vast amount of training – in addition to the attainment of paralegal certification – is required