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A Paralegal’s Job: Drafting

A Paralegal's Job: Drafting

Usually from the very beginning of a paralegal’s tenure with an organization, they will be called on to perform some form of document drafting, the particular natures of that drafting generally being dependent on the nature of organization.

Typically, most legal writing performed by an office or firm (as opposed to scholarly or academic writing) is done by paralegals under the guidance and direction of attorneys or other paralegals.

When a document is drafted, an attorney will often examine it  back to the paralegal or give it  When the document that is drafted meets with a lawyer’s approval, the lawyer signs it.  

In nearly all jurisdictions, only an attorney is allowed to sign and process a legal document.  paralegal profession with one of its most concrete forms of self-regulation, as it places an onus on the lawyer to ensure that the legal writing is up to muster, because the responsibility ultimately remains with them for the document, even if a paralegal did the majority of the drafting.

Paralegals can be called upon to draft all kinds of legal documents.  Corporate environments, where paralegals form the bulk of a legal department, paralegals are often tasked with drafting contracts that form the basis of agreements between organizations, as well as employee contracts and other legal agreements.  

The significant role paralegals play in the drafting of contracts and other legal documentation has been pointed to by some as a particular reason why paralegals should be more regulated than they are.