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All About the Role of Private Investigators

All About the Role of Private Investigators<spanrbn:”><spanx7-j”>

Private investigators (P.I.s) are hired by a variety of different people to perform investigatory work and uncover specific information. Businesses, attorneys, insurance companies, and private individuals may all chose to hire a P.I. to aid them in analyzing and drawing conclusions from certain information. Insurance companies often hire P.I.s in workers’ compensation cases where there is a suspicion of fraud. A P.I. may be asked to conduct surveillance outside the individual’s home and follow them to discover if the person’s injury claim is legitimate.
If the P.I. discovers the person performing some activity that contradicts the injury claim, then the P.I. would capture the evidence, through a picture or video, and submit it to the insurance company. A business owner may hire a P.I. to discover if any of his employees are acting inappropriately on the job.
If an owner suspects an employee of stealing, for example, the owner may ask the P.I. to go undercover, pose as a new employee, and uncover any wrongdoing by the employee. Attorneys sometimes hire P.I.s to collect information about someone involved in their case which may be beneficial to them. One of the most common jobs given to P.I.s are assistance in a divorce, alimony, or child custody case.
Many times, a P.I. will be hired to trail a husband or wife to discover if they are committing adultery, or if they are engaging in some other activity that may be used against them in a custody battle. Oftentimes, a P.I. will be asked to testify in court on behalf of their clients to provide any information that was uncovered in the surveillance that will be beneficial to the case. Private citizens also benefit from the work of a P.I. and often hire one to investigate a missing person.
Private investigators are also hired to perform background checks on individuals for a variety of reasons, such as premarital screening or employee background checks. A P.I. is able to find all prior criminalcivil