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How Did You Get Picked for Jury Duty?

How Did You Get Picked for Jury Duty?

In the case that any legal dispute is to enter the litigation process in the courts, both parties are guaranteed the right to a jury trial. A jury is a sworn body of individuals that is gathered by court order for the purpose of rendering an impartial or unbiased verdict. In the case of a trial jury, the jury hears the evidence that is presented by both parties involved in the legal dispute in question. 

The judge does not influence the jury to render a decision, however, is involved in the process on the basis that judge may provide for certain instruction or information regarding as to how evidence is to be regarded, or provide for further knowledge in terms of law interpretations. After the claims, arguments, and evidence is presented by both parties, the jury then retires for deliberation, and to render a verdict. All verdicts rendered are contingent to have special considerations such as the decision be unanimous. 

However, depending on the court’s jurisdiction, the verdict must be rendered to a majority decision. A jury that does not successfully obtain a majority or unanimous consent on the rendering of a verdict, is considered a hung jury. The number of individuals that comprise a jury will vary, however the most common number tends to be twelve in criminal cases. CivilConstitutional laws of the United StatesSixth Amendment